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Is Swai fish Kosher ?

Swai fish, also known as iridescent shark, is part of the Pangasiidae family, which has characteristics of both a shark and a catfish, even though it is not a shark. They are common river fish in Southeast Asia and have become very inexpensive to import, making them a great choice for a fish dinner.

Many people who pick up this unique fish wonder, “is Swai fish kosher?” Unfortunately, the Swai are not kosher. Because they take on some shark properties, they do not have scales. In order for a fish to be considered Kosher, it needs to have both scales and fins. While the smooth body of the fish makes handling it easier, it is not acceptable to eat in the Kosher diet.

Swai fish is an excellent choice if you want to try something new. While the meat is very similar to that of a catfish, the taste is a bit milder and offers a unique texture. It has a sweet and moist taste, that may be seen as slimy if not cooked properly. The flavor of the fish is exotic, yet mild, making it very agreeable to some who wouldn’t normally like freshwater fish.

The reason Swai fish are quickly gaining in popularity is because more people are concerned with their budgets. Cooks can find Swai much cheaper than others on the market and the fish is very easy to work with. In fact, many Swai dishes can be made with tuna or salmon, and vice versa. You don’t have to be an experienced chef to create an amazing Swai dish.

A quick look online will show you dozens of ways how to cook Swai fish. Several cooks are experimenting with new, flavorful dishes and reviving classic tastes with the help of this fish. Many of the recipes that call for basa can use swai interchangeably, as the taste is very similar.

Like most fish, Swai can be prepared in countless ways. The texture makes it very easy to fry, bake, boil, or grill. Seasoning it with just the right amount of herbs and spices can help bring out the flavors of this versatile fish. Some popular recipes for Swai fish include spicy fish tacos and baked lemon pepper Swai. You can also create a classic Fish and Chips dish using Swai. This Moroccan Swai is a very popular recipe that is easy to duplicate for a quick, exotic meal.

Moroccan Swai

Moroccan swai fish recipe

One popular recipe that is finding its way to dinner tables is called Moroccan Swai, although tilapia or basa can be used as an alternative.

All you have to do is heat the fish in some vegetable oil over medium heat, stirring in garlic and onions to taste. Then, once the onions are fully cooked, add an assortment of carrots, olives, garbanzo beans, red peppers and tomatoes. Season with paprika, cayenne, cumin, and other exotic spices. If desired, add a touch of salt. Then, place the fresh Swai on top of the vegetables, adding a bit of water to keep the vegetables from burning. Lower the heat, cover, and cook for about 40 minutes to create the perfect dish.

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